Hot tub servicing and repairs Bromsgrove.

Reasons for regular hot tub servicing?

Like most things in life the better you look after it the longer it will last, the same goes for your hot tub. Regular up keep of your tub will increase the chances of finding a fault early on, meaning lower repair costs. but also making sure your tub is regularly maintained will also give you the best experience possible from every use.  


Here at Forest spas we offer a annual full inspection and service to your tub to keep it running like the first day you used it, we recommend that you have your spa serviced at least once a year, that way your hot tub/spa is best placed to maintain its condition, and you will have the peace of mind that a professional service engineer has made it safer and bacteria-free.

Full Hot Tub Service & Inspection

What our full service consists of;

Full service only £180 -£250 + VAT depending on size


  • Complete spa flush to remove biofilm build up in pipe work heaters and pumps.

  • Fully drain tub

  • Clean headrests

  • Vacuum remaining water out

  • Install new filter (If applicable)

  • Check cabinet for damage, Jets - check operation / pressure,
    Pumps - check for noise / water pressure, Heater - check operation

  • Check cover retaining clips

  • Check operation of other associated extras

  • Clean acrylic surface

  • Check cover lift operation

  • Check shell for damage

  • Clean / inspect cover

  • Filtration - check settings cycles

  • Jets - backs / check for leaks

  • Pumps - check / replace seals

  • Heater - check / replace seals

  • Suctions - clean grates

  • Rinse spa & Vac Water re-fill

  • Check Hose lines - check for leaks / blockages

  • Check light lenses- check for damage / leaks

  • Check Filter unit - check for leaks

  • Check Topside - check operation

  • Check diverters / air controls

  • Advise customer of correct chemical use if necessary. 

Winner of the Gold Standard 

for in-ground hot tub project.

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