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How to look after your spa cover (top tips, advice and more)

Updated: Apr 28

Wondering how to look after your spa cover? In this article, you'll learn top tips for keeping your spa cover in excellent condition, while reducing your heating costs.

Your spa’s cover is an essential element in looking after your spa. Knowing how to maintain it will make all the difference.

How do I care for my spa cover? A quality cover helps to protect your investment — your hot tub. Like all our investments, it’s important to look after and plan time to maintain them. Keep reading to learn the top 10 ways to ensure your spa cover stays in excellent condition so it can protect your spa for years to come.

1. Keep your spa cover clean One of the best ways to look after your spa cover is to keep it clean.

  • Start by wiping off any dust, dirt, and debris regularly to look after the vinyl surface.

  • Your spa may be nicely sheltered by some trees or shrubs so make sure you sweep off the leaves as often as you can to make sure they don’t discolour your spa cover over time.

  • Try not to rest your spa cover on grass or dirt, this will minimise the amount of cleaning you need to do.

Top tip: You can clean the cover with a soft microfibre cloth and a mild dish detergent to ensure you don’t scratch the vinyl. It's best to use warm water to wipe off any debris. Try to avoid harsh soaps as this may dry out the spa cover over time. To look after your cover long term we recommend using a specialised vinyl cleaner. You can use a vinyl protection spray on the outside of the cover, this will keep it looking brand new. Click below to view the full range of spa cleaning products in our online shop.


2. Keep an eye on your spa's pH levels Maintaining the pH levels of your spa water is not only important for your own comfort and enjoyment, it also helps to look after your spa cover. If the water in your spa is too acidic, the pH levels can damage the underside of the cover and it will begin to absorb moisture over time. This will make the cover heavier and harder to use and it will begin to deteriorate over time. Make sure you regularly test the pH of your spa water using a test strip or automatic PH reader. The ideal pH range for spas is 7.2 to 7.8. Any reading below 7.2 means your water is acidic.

3. Leave the cover off after adding chemicals When putting in chemicals or topping them up, make sure you leave the cover open for at least 15 minutes to allow the chemicals time to work their magic. This is important as once the chemicals are added to the water they release gas into the air. This process is called oxidation and the gas can damage the underside of your spa cover.

4. What not to do with a spa pool cover. There are many ways to extend the life of your spa pool cover and avoid having to replace it too soon. As with most things, the more you care for them, the longer they will last. We've come up with the top 5 things not to do with your spa cover:

  1. Leave your dog unattended around the spa cover

  2. Stand on your spa cover

  3. Store items on your spa cover

  4. Leave your spa cover off when not in use

  5. Use sharp items when removing debris from your spa cover

We explain a few of the above points in more detail below.

5. Watch dogs around hot tub covers We don’t know why, but dogs love hot tub covers! To avoid finding your cover coated in dog hair, sagging in the middle or worse – ripped to shreds, we recommend keeping your furry friend away from your hot tub cover. When it comes to dogs and spas, here are our top tips:

  • Move the stairs away so the dog can’t climb onto the cover. Although covers are strong and hard-wearing it’s best to keep any weight off them for longevity.

  • Consider fencing your hot tub so there’s a clear barrier to keep the dog away from the hot tub. This will also help if you have young children and want to keep them away when unsupervised.

  • Don’t leave the cover on the ground with an unsupervised dog. Once the dog has found the cover it may be too late. You could consider using a cover lifter to keep your spa out of harm's way.

6. Please do not stand on your hot tub cover We know it’s tempting to store a few lightweight items on top of the flat spa cover or to climb on top of it, but it’s best to keep everything off the top of your hot tub. This will prevent the cover from sagging or breaking and increase the life of your cover. Most covers are heavy-duty, have a foam core and aluminium bracing which gives a reasonable weight holding – but try not to stand on or place anything on top if you can. If you do accidentally damage your cover, don’t worry we discuss available repair options later in this article.

7. Keep the cover on when not using your spa We all want to jump out of the spa and head straight inside to dry off after relaxing, but you should take a few extra minutes to make sure your spa is left locked and covered. Keeping your spa covered and locked will help:

  • Reduce heating costs by keeping the water at a balanced level

  • Reduce water loss through evaporation

  • Help maintain the chemical levels

  • Make sure the hot tub is secure from kids and pets

It’s important to make sure your hot tub is kept locked and fastened to maintain the safety of children and pets. Don’t forget to check the condition of the straps and locks on your hot tub. These help keep your lid secure and will help keep your water warm and clean. Unfortunately, with wear and tear, these can break over time, but you can purchase new ones from us.

8. Protect your spa pool cover from the elements As most people have their hot tubs outside in an uncovered area, we need to take into consideration the wind, rain and sun. There are many ways to protect your cover from the elements. We recommend:

  • Using a cover protectant spray to help protect your cover from the sun. The protectant spray can also help to keep the cover moisturised so it doesn’t crack over time. Try to stay away from oil-based products as these can damage the cover over the summer months. We recommend using

  • Using a cover lifter will help to protect your spa cover by keeping it from being damaged when it hits the ground and ensures the weight of the cover is evenly dispersed and not resting on one corner, protecting the inner seams and core from breaking.